Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu's Remarks on the UNSC Reform

Q: According to media reports, some countries have recently convened in New York and released a statement, holding that the majority of UN member states supported enlarging the Security Council with new permanent and non-permanent members at the same time and stressing that tangible results should be achieved on the Security Council reform during the current session of the UN General Assembly. What's China's comment on that?

A: Ever since the launching of the intergovernmental negotiations on the reform of the UN Security Council, member states have conducted in-depth discussions on various issues concerning the reform and made some positive progress. The discussions show that parties still have sharp differences over some major issues about the reform and consensus is yet to be reached.

China holds that the more disputes remain, the more need there is to enhance dialogue and consultation. Experience has proven that presetting results for the reform or forcing premature plans will not only undermine the unity of UN member states, but will ultimately harm the UNSC reform process itself , which is not in line with any party's interests.

China advocates that UN member states should seek for a package of solutions and try to reach the most broadly-based consensus through extensive and democratic consultation, accommodating the interests and concerns of all parties. China is ready to stay in contact with all parties, and make joint efforts to push forward the reform in a way conducive to safeguarding the overall interests of the UN and the unity of the member states.

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