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Responding Statement on Dalai Lama's Attempted Visit to Botswana

Background: Over the past two weeks, the Botswana government has issued several statements justifying its decision to allow the 14th Dalai Lama’s attempted visit to Botswana. Some of the statements have been widely reported by the international media. The foreign ministry spokesperson of China was asked by the international media more than once about China’s position on this issue. The following is the latest response from Chinese side.

We have taken note of the recent statements made by the Botswana government regarding its allowing the 14th Dalai Lama's attempted visit to Botswana. Chinese side has made clear through the diplomatic channel that Dalai Lama is the head of a well-organized political group who has long been engaging in anti-China separatist activities with the attempt to split Tibet from China. Therefore, permitting Dalai Lama’s attempted visit is an act of providing stage for him to carry out anti-China separatist activities, which is an unfriendly behavior of apparently interfering China’s internal affairs. As known to all, it is the principle of international relations that states should mutually respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and should not interfere each other’s internal affairs. Chinese side does not interfere other country’s internal affairs. In the meantime, we will not accept other country to interfere China’s internal affairs with regard to Tibet issue. Sovereignty and territorial integrity are supreme to a state. Chinese side will firmly safeguard its state sovereignty and territorial integrity. We call on Botswana side to meet halfway with China, so as to work together to maintain the China-Botswana traditional and friendly relations.

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