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China, Botswana keen on expanding investments



    Botswana's President Festus Mogaeand Chinese Vice Premier Huang Ju, who met on 20 November in the capital city, have both shown keen interest in expanding Chinese investment in this southern African country.
    "China will continue its help and assistance to Botswana in its economic and social development, and encourage its best companies with good reputations to invest here," Huang told the president.
    Among his entourage are high-ranking executives of Chinese companies, such as China Aluminum, telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei and ZTE.
    China is ready to take active measures, in joint efforts with Botswana, to promote balance of trade between the two, said the vice premier.
    He also told the host that "China has decided to list Botswana as a new tourist destination of Chinese citizens on private expense" in order to push forward exchanges between the two peoples.
    President Mogae told Huang that Botswana welcomes investments by Chinese companies and is willing to strengthen bilateral economic ties in all fields.
    This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Botswana. Both leaders saidthat they are satisfied with the smooth relations, fruitful economic exchanges and coordination and mutual assistance on international issues.
    President Mogae said that China is a trustworthy friend of Africa, and President Hu Jintao's recently announced measures for helping developing countries, especially African countries, have been welcomed by most African nations for its sincerity.
    The meeting was followed by the signing ceremony for three agreements of economic and technological cooperation.
    (From Xinhua News Agency)

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