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Ambassador Jiang on the Beijing Summit: A Milestone in China-Africa Relations



         On November 21, BTV journalists interviewed Ambassador Jiang Zhengyun in his residency for a special program regarding President Mogae's recent participation in the just concluded Beijing Summit. Ambassador Jiang briefly reviewed the Beijing Summit and the third Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. He said this grand event provided great opportunity for leaders of China and African countries to make a historic gathering, reviewing the development of China-Africa relations over the past 50 years and especially the 6 years after the establishment of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, and chalking out new road-map for future cooperations. The leaders reaffirmed to forge the new type of strategic partnership between the two sides featuring political mutual trust, economic win-win cooperation and cultural exchange and enrichment. He believed the Summit will be a milestone going down in the history of China-Africa ties.

Chinese Ambassador Interviewed by Journalist from BTV  

        As the BTV journalist asked what and how Botswana, classified as middle income nation, was to benefit from the Summit and the enhanced cooperation with China, Ambassador Jiang said the Beijing Action Plan (2007-2009) has been adopted by the Summit, covering cooperation in specific sectors. Chinese President Hu Jintao announced eight concrete measures that the Chinese Government would take over the next three year. Botswana would definitely benefit from most of them. The key was to implement. Ambassador stressed that China has so far provided some amount of assistance to Botswana and the assistance from China to Botswana will only rise rather than decline.

        Ambassador Jiang also commented on some baseless reports on China-Africa cooperation. He said China-Africa friendship had endured the test of time and changes in the world. China and Africa were endeavoring to build their nations comprehensively.  China is committed to the principle of enhancing friendship, treating each other as equals, extending mutual support and promoting common development in building ties. China and Botswana are both committed to pursuing mutually beneficial cooperation to bring the benefits of development to our peoples. A stronger ties between China and Africa could not only promote development of each side, but also help cement unity and cooperation among developing countries and contribute to establishing a just and equitable new international political and economic order. He concluded China-Africa friendship and cooperation would continue growing from strength to strength, irrespective of the unpleasant noises from some corners.


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