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Brief Introduction of Education Cooperation between China and Botswana

Under the framework of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the education and human resource cooperation between China and Botswana has made fruitful and satisfying results over the past several years.

During the period between 2000 and 2005, China provided fiveChinese Government scholarships to Botswana Citizens per year to pursue master and doctorate degree studies in China. In 2006, China increased the scholarships to twelve and finally eleven Botswana students went to China to study. Among them, two are for doctorate degrees and 9 for Master degrees. Their majors include Human resource management, MBA, Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, Industrial Design, Tourism and etc. China further increased scholarships to twenty one in 2007,but due to some reasons, only twelve will go to China. Their majors include MBA, Food Technology, Management, International Trade, Animation, Chinese language and etc.

Besides that, China has also rendered military training assistance to Botswana Defence Force. In 2006, China offered 32 training quotas and this number was raised to 43 in 2007. The average training period for each trainee is about one year.

Compared to the above mentioned long-term study and training, more and more short-term training opportunities are offered to Botswana by China, which usually last from one week to half a year, covering areas of information, agriculture, business and commercial, industry, sport and etc. In 2005, 41 officials and experts went to China to receive training. In 2006,China provided about 150 such opportunities to Botswana. In 2007,China will provide more than 160 quotas to Botswana, and about 40 persons has finished their training till now. Generally speaking, Short-term training is now playing a very important role in the human resource cooperation between the two countries.

Further more, in order to meet the increasing need of Botswana people to study Chinese language and Chinese culture and history, the Chinese side and the University of Botswana are working together to establish a Confucius Institute in UB. In fact, more than 170 Confucius Institutes have been established around the world till the end of July this year and 12 are based in Africa.

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