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Beijing Olympic Games Exhibition Scheduled for August 8


In order to let Botswana people have a better understanding about the forthcoming Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese Embassy in Botswana will hold a Beijing Olympic Games Picture Exhibition in National Museum from August 8th to 24th, 2008. Besides, a Botswana in Chinese View Photo Show will be presented in the same place during the same time. A number of photos which were taken by Chinese nationals in Botswana will be showcased to the public.

The official opening ceremony for the above Exhibition will take place at 18:00 on August 8th, which concurs to be the opening day for the Beijing Olympic Games. A recorded program of the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony will be played on this occasion.

H. E. Ding Xiaowen, Chinese Ambassador to Botswana, and a high-level official from the Botswana Government, will make remarks and announce the opening of the Exhibition.

Some books, DVDs about China and Olympic Souvenirs will be available during the exhibition.

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