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‘Made in China’ shoes take Botswana by storm

By Kagiso Molefhe

HUKUNTSI - They come in all shapes and sizes and all sorts of colours.

Cheap Chinese plastic shoes have taken local women by storm, and can be seen everywhere in the country, in the office and at home.

But what is it about these shoes that make them irresistible to so many women?

Maria Molefi said for her it is their comfort.

“I have two pairs of these shoes in different colors, and I just love the fact that they are so light and comfortable,” she says.

She says another good thing about her plastic shoes is that they match her skirts to pants.

Another owner of the shoes says she just loves that they are available in all colours.

She said flat shoes are the in-thing right now, and that the Chinese shoes are flat and come in all colours: “Black, peach, green, yellow, you name it. I bought a pair in yellow and they look great on my feet.”

She said another fact that she noticed is that they look good in all kind of feet.

“These shoes look nice on small feel, big feet and even fat ones,” she said.

Ms Malebogo Nako says she wears her transparent pair to the office many times, adding that the first time she wore them to the office, she also wore her navy blue business suit and almost all the women were asking her where she bought them.

MsNako said the good thing about the shoes is also the fact that women of different economic status wear them.

“They are worn by every woman from the wealthy in the cities to the poor woman in the village,” she added.

Another proud owner of the P20 shoes said: “They are in fashion and I was just going with the flow.”

She said she happened to be at the Oriental Plaza in Block 8, Gaborone and when she saw everyone buying them, she decided to do the same.

“Moreover, they are no longer just in Chinese stores as I saw them at Mr Price as well,” she added. BOPA

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