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Chinese Embassy donates to Mahalapye

MAHALAPYE - The Chinese Embassy and Botswana Prisons Service have donated football kits and 25 020 respectively to Mahalapye community.

Speaking at the donation ceremony last week, Vice President Lt Gen. Mompati Merafhe expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the gifts.

He said the Chinese Ambassador to Botswana, Mr Ding Xiaowen has touched people of Botswana through his friendship and generosity.

Gen. Merafhe said the Ambassador recently provided incentives to the Botswana team that took part in this years Olympics.

He said the newly introduced constituency league was meant to nurture talent as well as instill discipline and harmony in the communities.

The constituency league will cover all the 57 constituencies.

Gen. Merafhe said while this was a government initiative, it required support from everybody particularly the private sector in order for it to bear fruit and be sustained in the long term.

I therefore urge those with the means to emulate Ambassador Ding Xiaowen to support many constituency teams that are still out there looking for sponsorship.

He called on the constituency teams to ensure that the kits are used for what they are meant for as that will be safeguarding the friendship and generosity of the government and people of China.

Gen. Merafhe also thanked the Prisons department for donating money to the Mahalapye Community Park.

He urged the community to make full use of the park, whose construction is nearing completion.

The Vice President said he came up with the idea of the park so that there could be a place where the youth can get assistance and advice concerning business ideas.

The initial innovation of the park was to build it near the road so that everyone can see it and contribute towards building it.

He said more than P41 000 was collected within a week to help complete the project.

The Chinese Embassy has donated P80 000 to help build the park, he said.

According to Gen. Merafhe, the electrical works, which have been lagging behind, will soon be done and the park would be put to full use.

He said youth officers will work in the offices to help the youth with anything that they need.

He said the spirit of self reliance should inspire Batswana to work even harder and reduce dependence on government.

For his part, Ambassador Ding said the kits were for 1 000 players in the area. He expressed hope that they will help to develop future national team players.

Mr Ding appreciated the start of the constituency league saying it keep the youth off the streets and fight other social ills such as alcohol abuse and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

He said sport can be a source of income and encouraged Batswana to desist from using sport just for recreational purposes.

Chinas success at the 2008 Beijing Olympics was a result of proper management of sport even though China, like Botswana is a developing country faced with many economic and other social challenges, he said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner Alousious Sesikwe from Prisons said the trainees and staff at Mahalapye Prisons worked together to raise the money they donated.

He said as part of Mahalapye community, they felt it was their responsibility to assist with the building of the park especially after Gen.

Merafhe asked the community to help. BOPA

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