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Christmas Spenders opt Chinese Shops

Christmas spenders are rushing to Chinese shops which are relatively cheaper and affordable. The Chinese shops which have sprouted around the country offer affordable prices and glittery Christmas gifts to those who cannot afford the expensive gifts. This has seen a massive exodus of shoppers from their traditional shopping options moving to the seemingly affordable Chinese shops. This has put the big dogs which sell western products out of business as people go for the cheaper. The difference in texture, color and style has been a crowd puller. To many it brings in a variety and style that had been lacking in the market for some time.

“You are spoiled for choice in the Chinese shops, cheap, nice choices for that matter. It can never get better. For a girl, I like the bright color filled with flowers and lift. They provide a variety from the African costumes which are usually dark and similar. The Western clothes are too expensive. This means you can dress better than the next person despite your limited financial resources. If I am to buy a Christmas present for someone, I will definitely shop at such places of convenience shops. ”said Rejoice Kalanthle who is a regular visitor in Chinese shops.

To others it is the cost that matters most. “The cheaper, the better. Some of us live in a very rough would and therefore cannot afford to buy in the splashy shops which are expensive because of the brand names. However I do not care about brands but what I care most about is to have something to put on. What I like most about the Chinese shops is that their things are also nice although they are cheap. I can buy presents for the whole family with very little money,” said an old man who only identified himself as Tsepo.

A young Chinese woman spilled the beans and told us the Chinese secret.

“When it comes to customer service, we are the best. We give you what you need at the cheapest cost. In everything we do, we prioritize customers. Knowing what your customers need is the key to a successful business. Through this it is easy to build faith in your customer,” she said. These shops have become the ideal gift shops. Christmas commercial products such as dolls, perfumes and fashionable clothes have booked their place among the shelves. Anyone looking to buy a Christmas present will be tempted to buy the cheap products. However some members of the public have complained over the poor quality of products sold in the Chinese shops. “Their products are cheap because they are`cheap'.”

A shoe will hardly last for a day, while the clothes easily get torn. This kind of gullible marketing will only haunt the business later as people will identify the shops with their cheap products. To wise shoppers, it is not a good idea to buy in these shops or else you would have to buy the same thing over and over again.

“If you want original go for expensive,” Sean Sibanda, a business executive who shuns Chinese shops. As the festive season draws closer and the search for Christmas products gets urgent, it is up to one’s pocket, taster and choice to decide where to get that present that will leave an impression.

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