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12 CITF Students off to China

Twelve Construction Industry Trust Fund (CITF) students are on an attachment at the China Jiang Su International in Palapye.

The news of the attachment of the 12 who are training in civil construction, brick laying, carpentry and plastering was revealed during the Palapye Member of Parliament, Mr Master Goya’s visit to Jiang Su site near Palapye recently.

Mr Goya indicated that the attachment was the first of its kind and that as the people of Palapye they are particularly grateful to China Jiang Su International. He urged the students to take the attachment very seriously and to make sure that they handle the equipment with outmost care.

China Jiang Su International officials told Mr Goya that they are happy to have received the students as they provide positive feedback, which would benefit the company.

The students indicated that the attachment is proving beneficial with useful experience being gained and that they are in high spirits despite the difficulty encountered in understanding the Chinese language.

China Jiang Su International is currently embarked on a P300 million water transfer scheme project to Serowe and it is the same project to which the CITF students are attached.

( 5 March, 2009, Daily News. Extraction.)

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