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Overseas journalists not kept away from Tibetans



BEIJING -- Overseas journalists have not been kept away from Tibetan-inhabited areas in southwest China's Sichuan Province, a senior provincial publicity official said here Wednesday.

"There is no documents issued so far calling for such restriction," Hou Xiongfei, deputy chief of Sichuan Provincial Publicity Department, told reporters at a panel discussion open to media.

"Reporting of overseas journalists will be handled according to China's relevant laws and regulations," said Hou.

However, he said overseas journalists have to get assent from interviewees first and do the reporting in areas where conditions are fit. He referred to road conditions and safety issues when speaking of conditions.

Hou also said Sichuan had never restricted overseas touring groups in the province's famous Jiuzhaigou scenic spot, in response to a question whether Hong Kong and foreign tourists are banned in scenic sites in Tibetan

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