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What happened in Urumqi of China?

On 5 July 2009, severely violent crimes involving beating, smashing, looting and arson erupted in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. Up to 10 July, at least 184 innocent civilians and policemen were killed and more than 1500 civilians were injured. The death toll is still rising.

It was rumored and baselessly reported by some international media that the riot was erupted from a peaceful demonstration which was suppressed by the government, and the root-cause was the discrimination policy adopted by the central government towards the Uygur ethic group in Xinjiang. We wish to take this space to clarify that the truth is totally different from those irresponsible remarks.

Facts have fully shown that these are premeditated and organized outrageous crimes, directly instigated and orchestrated by the World Uyghur Congress composed of ethnic separatists abroad and carried out by separatists inside the country. The rioters attempted to sow seeds of animosity between the Uygur and the Han ethnic groups, which they expected would carry forward their conspiracy of separating Xinjiang from China.

In a bid to protect people’s life and property and safeguard social order in Urumqi, the Central Government of China and the local authority of Xinjiang took firm and decisive measures in accordance with law. Police were speedily deployed to restore public order and maintain social stability. The situation by now has been brought under control and the social order in Urumqi City is returning to normal. Relevant investigations are going on to make sure that cruel criminals will get their deserved punishments according to the laws and rules of China.

The human rights of living in a peace and happy life are universally acknowledged. Since the ancient times, Xinjiang has been part of China. The Uygur, Han and many other ethnic groups have been living together in peace in this region for thousand years. In the past 60 years, the central government has spent trillions of Chinese Yuan in Xinjiang to boost and accelerate the development of Xinjiang, which guaranteed the prosperity of Xinjiang Autonomous Region and the higher standard life of its people.

History has repeatedly shown that stability is a blessing to human being while chaos is a disaster. Any attempt to sabotage social stability, ethnic unity and peaceful living in Xinjiang will neither win people’s hearts nor succeed. The attempt by a few people to seek separation, colluded with the Three Forces of religious extremism, national separatism and terrorism, is doomed to fail.

The Chinese Government is unequivocally against ethnic separatism and terrorism. The highest interests of the Chinese people, including the 21 million people in Xinjiang, lie in social harmony and stability as well as solidarity of all ethnic groups in China.

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