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Chinese Embassy holds film festival

The Chinese Embassy in Botswana is celebrating 35 years of established diplomatic relations between Botswana and the People’s Republic of China via a film festival.

The Chinese film festival will be shown at the New Capitol Cinema in Game City for a week featuring six Chinese films. The films cover areas such as kung fu while some show the aesthetic scenery of China. Some narrate the daily life stories of China while others are cartoon films meant for children. The films are presented in a bilingual Chinese/English format.

Officially opening the festival, the Ambassador of China to Botswana, Mr. Liu Huanxing said cultural exchanges have acted as a crucial aspect of the bilateral development in relations involving the two countries. He noted that although the two countries are far apart, the “two peoples share a lot in common. Both of us are characterized by hospitality. We respect friendship and we cherish the value of culture”, said Mr. Liu.

Mr. Liu also said through film one can discover how people think and literally live in other countries. He added that a film is the ambassador of culture saying that it is more powerful and influential than the ambassador per se.

Chinese film festivals are held each year in Gaborone as part of the effort by the Chinese Embassy to promote cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between the two countries.

(Daily News, 24 June 2010)

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