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Jwaneng Mine Impresses Chinese Embassy Delegation

The Chinese Ambassador to Botswana His Excellency Mr Liu Huanxing says Jwaneng Mine is a world class mine that will continue to make a positive contribution to the growth of the international diamond industry. His remarks come after a visit to the Debswana mine on Friday February 4th, 2011 by him and 15 diplomats from the Chinese Embassy in Botswana.

“This being my first visit to a diamond mine, I was highly impressed by the entire mining pipeline as elaborated to us by the Jwaneng Mine team. The process of diamond mining is indeed fascinating and it is not surprising that the subsequent value of diamonds in the consumer market is highly esteemed” he said.

Huanxing said that diamonds will continue to play an important role in national economic development adding that no other mineral can replace them in near future, particularly for Botswana as the resources are the biggest contributor to the country’s economy.

“Recent indications are that the global economy is making a positive development, this assures that the demand for diamonds will also improve to the level before the international recession. Emerging markets are also starting to show a huge interest in diamond products, China is one of those countries and we envisage Chinese people, particularly the young, to be at the forefront in purchasing these products. As a country that continues to show great interest in diamonds, Botswana is therefore a very important partner for us” he said.

The Ambassador further commended Debswana for making the safety of its employees its top priority, emphasizing that by its very nature, the mining business is a risky environment that needs robust safety measures to curb incidents at the workplace. He also applauded the company for ensuring that its Jwaneng Mine hospital provides health care not only to its employees but to the entire community.

(Monitor, 14 Feb 2011)

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