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Explanatory Remarks by Ambassador Wang Min after General Assembly Vote on Draft Resolution on Syria


Mr. President,

We have noted that the draft resolution that the General Assembly voted on this morning, though undergone several amendments, has kept its substance unchanged.

China is deeply worried by the increasingly grave situation in Syria and the continued escalation of the crisis.China opposes and condemns all forms of terrorism and violent acts against innocent civilians.We urge all parties in Syria to immediately and completely cease violence and create conditions for a political settlement to the crisis,Both the Syrian Government and the oppositions have the obligation to restore peace and stability in Syria at an early date. What have happened proves that imposition of pressure on only one party will not help resolve the Syrian issue.On the contrary, it will derail the political settlement of the crisis,cause further escalation of turmoil, and let the crisis spill over to other countries in the region, thus jeopardizing regional peace and stability.

The only viable approach to the Syrian issue is to seek a just, peaceful and appropriate solution through political means.A military approach will result in a larger conflict and more bloodshed.China regrets Mr. Kofi Annan's resignation from the post of the Joint Special Envoy. We have taken real actions to render active support and coordination to Mr. Annan’s mediation efforts.We understand the difficulties and obstacles Mr. Annan’s mediation has been facing with. We express appreciation for the positive and constructive role Mr. Annan has played in promoting a political settlement to the Syrian issue. Under the current circumstances, the international community should continue supporting the implementation of the Action Group Communique adopted in Geneva, the relevant Security Council resolutions and Mr. Annan's six-point plan.

Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity should be respected.Syria's future and destiny should be determined by the Syrian people themselves.The political settlement to the Syrian issue can only be led by the Syrian people and should be accepted by all relevant parties in Syria. To impose a solution from outside will not help defuse the Syrian crisis.China opposes any act of forcing a regime change. Sanctions will lead to nothing but a more complicated situation.

The Security Council has been considering the situation in Syria and its authority should be upheld. On the Syrian issue,China has no selfish interest, but a persistent, responsible attitude. Our fundamental point of departure is to safeguard the purposes and principles of the UN Charter as well as the basic norms governing international relations, including the principles of sovereign equality and non-interference in others’ internal affairs,to safeguard the interests of the Syrian people and the Arab states, and to safeguard the interests of all countries, small and medium-sized in particular. This is China's consistent stance in all international affairs.It is not targeted at a particular issue or time.

China understands the concern of Arab countries and the League of Arab States about an early settlement to the Syrian issue. We set store by the important role they play in the political settlement to this issue and appreciate their efforts in that regard.China stands ready to make concerted efforts with the international community, the Arab states included, to uphold the general direction of a political settlement to this issue and encourage political dialogue to resolve differences and ease tension so as to safe guard the fundamental interests of the people in Syria and other countries in the region and preserve peace and stability in the Middle East.

China's vote on the draft resolution was cast according to the above-mentioned stance.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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