Chinese medical team to further enhance friendship and cooperation between China and Botswana

Chinese medical team in Botswana has become a very good example of the longstanding friendship and tangible cooperation between our two countries, Chinese Ambassador Zhao said at a reception welcoming the 15th Chinese medical team to Botswana held at the Chinese Embassy on 5th April 2018.



Ambassador Zhao said, as a sincere friend to Botswana, China began to send medical teams to Botswana since 1981. These medical teams have helped treat and cure more than 2 million people in Botswana, almost the whole population of this country. They have brought not only the high-level medical treatment technology and expertise, but also trained a large number of local medical staffs through clinical teaching and academic lectures. Their contribution to Botswana's medical services has helped the country to better achieve the goal of poverty eradication.


Ambassador Zhao reiterated that China kept the tradition of sending medical teams to support Africa's health services since 1960's. As a major responsible country always honoring its commitment, China will continue to provide support and needed help to African friends within its capability through sending medical teams and other forms of assistance.



Ambassador Zhao encouraged the 15th China Medical Team to carry on the glorious tradition and the spirit of humanitarianism of their predecessors to provide top class medical services to the sick by utilizing their medical expertise, so as to promote well-being for Botswana people.



Dr. Alfred Madigele, Minister of Health and Wellness of Botswana expressed his warmly welcome to the 15th Chinese medical team. He said that the strategic partnership between the two countries remained strong as epitomized by the strong commitment in China's sending medical teams and contributing towards the advancement of the health system of Botswana.



The 15th Chinese medical team consists of 46 members from top hospitals in China's Fujian Province, 24 of whom are assigned to work in Princess Marina Hospital, while the other 22 will work in Nyangabwe Hospital in Francistown for two years.


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