Chinese Embassy Donates Desks and Chairs to China Aid Kubung Primary School

On May 29, 2019, the Chinese Embassy in Botswana donated 280 sets of desks and chairs to China Aid Kubung Primary School located in the suburb of Maun, a city in Northwestern Botswana. Chinese Ambassador to Botswana H.E. Dr. Zhao Yanbo, North West Regional Education Office Assistant Director Mr. Keoagile Ramoloi, the School Head Ms. Esther Maokisa, paramount chief of the local tribe, government officials, teachers, students and their parents of over 300 people attended the donation ceremony.



Ambassador Zhao said in his remarks that Kubung Primary School is a place to pass on the traditional friendship between China and Botswana, a vivid portrayal of bilateral cooperation on basic education, and a concrete manifestation of the China-Africa community with a shared future. Since its establishment, with the joint efforts of the teachers and students, with the strong support from the Chinese Embassy and Botswana education authorities, Kubung Primary School has maintained first-class teaching quality and cultivated generations of outstanding students. The desks and chairs donated by the Embassy will effectively improve the school’s teaching conditions and create a better learning environment for the students.



Ambassador Zhao pointed out that the sky is the limit to China-Africa cooperation. As the development of China-Botswana relations enters a fast lane, there will be new opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in the field of education. The Chinese side will assist Botswana with more schools, government scholarships as well as more exchanges with the Ministry of Basic Education so as to promote new steps in bilateral education cooperation.




Assistant Director Ramoloi and the School Head Ms. Maokisa expressed sincere gratitude to China for its strong support for Kubung Primary School and basic education in Botswana. They said that the friendship between the two countries is profound, and the construction and development of Kubung Primary School is attributed to the care and help of the Chinese side. Botswana attaches importance to its educational partnership with China and looks forward to expanding cooperation with China to jointly cultivate talents that meet the needs of the new era.








The ceremony was held in an atmosphere of friendship. The students held the national flags of China and Botswana and warmly welcomed Ambassador Zhao and his entourage. They also expressed their gratitude to the Chinese guests through traditional dance and poem. Accompanied by Ms. Maokisa, Ambassador Zhao inspected school facilities such as classrooms and computer room, and presented awards to students who performed well in the 2018 Primary School Leaving Examination.


Maun Kubung Primary School is a China Aid School. It consists of 7 classrooms, 1 computer room and 1 library. The school started running in 2011.

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