Chinese Ambassador H.E. Dr. Zhao Yanbo Meets with Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation

On 21st February 2020, Chinese Ambassador to Botswana H.E. Dr. Zhao Yanbo met with Hon. Dr. Unity Dow, Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation of Botswana. The two sides exchanged views on the COVID-19 outbreak and cooperation on prevention and control of the epidemic.



Ambassador Zhao briefed Dr. Dow on the latest updates of China’s prevention and control of COVID-19 and pointed out that China’s comprehensive, strict and scientific measures have achieved positive results. With more and more patients cured and discharged from hospital, cure rates in Wuhan, Hubei and across the country have increased significantly. Daily new confirmed and suspected cases in Wuhan are declining. The inflection point will come soon. China has full confidence and capacities to win this war against the epidemic at an early date. Ambassador Zhao emphasized that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the health and safety of Botswana citizens and students in China, especially in Wuhan. A series of measures have been taken to guarantee their supply of medical materials and daily necessities. Currently all of them are safe and sound.


Dr. Dow expressed her deep sympathy to the Chinese government and people and sincere thanks for the care that Botswana citizens in China have received. Dr. Dow said that the China has taken strong actions and made huge sacrifices in safeguarding the health and life of the people of China and the world as well as global public health security, which fully demonstrates China’s keen sense of responsibility as a major country in the world. The Botswana side would like to express its high appreciation and firm support for the Chinese side, and will continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation on epidemic prevention and control.


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