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Ding advises NGOs to seek foreign partners


Local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should foster relations with foreign ones.Speaking at a Botswana Council of Non Governmental Organization (BOCONGO) fund-raising dinner over the weekend, Chinese ambassador to Botswana, Mr. Ding Xiaowen, said it was important for NGOs exchange views and visits to better understand each other.Mr. Ding said with a population of about 1.3 billion and close to 1,000 non-governmental organizations, it would be of great benefit for NGOs in Botswana to establish contacts with their Chinese counterparts, particularly those that have similar missions.He cited the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and All-China Women's Federation as the world's largest NGOs, which have similar aspirations as some in Botswana.Mr Ding said NGOs from China and Botswana could work together to fight the HIV/AIDS scourge. "We can also do that in other areas such as poverty reduction, environmental protection, and even promotion of traditional medicine," he said.


Mr. Baboloki Tlale, the executive secretary of BOCONGO, said in an interview that the dinner was mainly for networking with various stakeholders.Mr. Tlale said BOCONGO had established a code of conduct to guide the operations of all NGOs.He said that the council has also made sure that the voice of NGOs was heard regarding the formulation of policies and laws.Regarding President Festus Mogae's state-of-the-nation address, Mr. Tlale expressed gratitude to the president for recognizing the role of organizations registered with BOCONGO like MISA for their key role in the media industry.




( Source : Botswana"Daily News", November 14, 2007 )

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