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 Chinese Ambassador ZHAO Yanbo Donates to Botswana Flood Victims(2017/03/07)
 Chinese Ambassador ZHAO Yanbo Presents Letter of Credence to Botswana President Khama(2016/12/02)
 Chinese Ambassador Zhao Yanbo Presents the Copy of His Letter of Credence(2016/11/30)
 Chinese Ambassador Zhao Yanbo Meets with Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation(2016/11/29)
 Remarks by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the Award of the So-called Arbitral Tribunal in the South China Sea Arbitration(2016/07/13)
 China Adheres to the Position of Settling Through Negotiation the Relevant Disputes Between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea(2016/07/13)
 Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on the Award of 12 July 2016 of the Arbitral Tribunal in the South China Sea Arbitration Established at the Request of the Republic of the Philippines(2016/07/13)
 Statement of the Government of the People's Republic of China on China's Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights and Interests in the South China Sea(2016/07/13)
 Remarks on the Arbitration Case in the South China Sea by the Spokesperson Mr. Hong Lei of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China(2016/06/30)
 27 Botswana Students under the Chinese Government Scholarship Program(2015/07/30)
 Vision and Actions on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road(2015/04/07)
 Chinese Ambassador: China-Botswana cooperation to make greater progress(2015/01/14)
 Chinese President Xi Jinping's 2015 New Year Message(2015/01/04)
 22 Botswana Students under the Chinese Government Scholarship Program(2014/10/08)
 Guide to Chinese Visa Application(2014/07/08)
 Visitors Please Do Not Carry Khat into China(2014/05/05)
 Remarks by Yang Jiechi on Abe's Visit to the Yasukuni Shrine(2013/12/28)
 Embark on a New Journey of China's Diplomacy(2013/12/16)
 Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on the "October 28" incident(2013/11/06)
 Xi Jinping: Let the Sense of Community of Common Destiny Take Deep Root in Neighbouring Countries(2013/10/30)
 PUBLIC NOTICE(2013/09/20)
 China's Position on Syria Issue(2013/09/12)
 The Chinese Economy: Reform and Innovation For Sustained and Healthy Development(2013/09/12)
 22 Botswana Students get Chinese Government Scholarship(2013/08/17)
 Remarks by H.E. Mr. Zheng Zhuqiang, Ambassador of China to Botswana, At the Welcome Reception(2013/07/12)
 Explanatory Remarks by Ambassador Wang Min after General Assembly Vote on Draft Resolution on Syria(2012/08/03)
 22 Botswana Students get Chinese Government Scholarship(2012/07/19)
 Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Li Baodong after Vote on Draft Resolution on Syria Tabled by the United Kingdom(2012/07/19)
 Take the New Type of China-Africa Strategic Partnership to a New High(2012/07/16)
 China and Africa Poised to Embrace a Brighter Future for Economic Cooperation and Trade(2012/07/16)
 Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Answers Questions from Domestic and Overseas Journalists on China's Foreign Policy and External Relations(2012/03/16)
 China raises six-point statement for resolving Syria issue(2012/03/05)
 Written Interview with Ethiopian News Agency by H.E. Jia Qinglin Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(2012/01/30)
 Botswana to receive Chinese medics(2011/11/01)
 Address by H.E.Mr.Liu Huanxing, Chinese Ambassador to Botswana, at the Reception on occasion of the 62nd Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China(2011/09/28)
 Promote Sound, Sustainable and Quality Development(2011/09/15)
 Position Paper of the People's Republic of China At the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly(2011/09/14)
 Trail of the Dragon(2011/09/13)
 China's Peaceful Development(2011/09/07)
 Chinese Embassy donates to Tonota North(2011/08/24)
 21 Botswana Students get Chinese Government Scholarship(2011/07/27)
 Chinese Construction Company: Job Well Done(2011/04/11)
 BEDIA CEO advocates for collaboration with China(2011/04/05)
 Speech by H.E.Mr.Liu Huanxing, Chinese Ambassador to Botswana, at Botswana Defence Command & Staff College(2011/02/23)
 Jwaneng Mine Impresses Chinese Embassy Delegation(2011/02/18)
 China pledges to remain equal with developing countries despite its world's 2nd largest GDP(2011/02/07)
 Unchecked Chinese counterfeits infringing intellectual property could poison bilateral trade relations(2011/02/07)
 China's shrinking trade surplus(2011/02/04)
 China support Botwana's agriculture(2011/01/13)
 China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation(2010/12/29)
 Corruption undermines democracy(2010/12/16)
 Chinese vice president says satisfied with ties with Botswana(2010/11/22)
 Chinese vice president to visit Botswana to boost cooperative ties(2010/11/19)
 Vice president Xi leaves for four-nation visits(2010/11/14)
 China and Botswana consumate media wedding(2010/10/26)
 2010 Nobel Peace Prize a disgrace(2010/10/12)
 Position Paper of the People's Republic of China At the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly(2010/09/23)
 CPC Moves to Interact with Changing Society(2010/09/23)
 Recharging China's Clean Energy Dream(2010/09/23)
 China's Foreign Trade in 2010: A Year of Recovery(2010/09/23)
 Consolidate the Upward Momentum and Promote Sustained Growth(2010/09/16)
 Chinese Embassy donated to Thapong(2010/09/03)
 Deputy PS urges students to be good ambassadors(2010/08/31)
 Chinese youth forge ties with Batswana(2010/08/20)
 28 Botswana students get Chinese Governmental Scholarship(2010/07/28)
 VP lures investors(2010/07/26)
 VP Merafhe woos investors(2010/07/23)
 Chinese Embassy holds film festival(2010/06/25)
 Chinese Embassy donates to schools(2010/06/22)
 Welcome to 2010 China Film Festival!(2010/06/16)
 Minister Motsumi explores Chinese partnership, investment(2010/06/01)
 Embassy donates to Masitara foundation(2010/06/01)
 Botswana wins tourism award(2010/05/28)
 Asia media summit opens in Beijing(2010/05/26)
 Foreign military officers "homesick" at Shanghai Ex(2010/05/19)
 "Kagiso" takes Botswana to China with him(2010/04/20)
 Chinese Embassy Sponsors Drawing Classes(2010/04/12)
 Guide to Customs Clearance of Reporting Equipment Carried by Foreign Journalists(2010/03/15)
 Question and Answer Session With Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi At Munich Security Conference(2010/02/05)
 Chinese Quake Rescuers in Action(2010/01/15)
 Chinese Team Offers Aid in Haiti(2010/01/15)
 China and Copenhagen Conference(2010/01/08)
 Memories and Blessings of China-Botswana Relations(2010/01/06)
 Jointly Create a Better Future for World Peace and Development(2010/01/06)
 Verdant Mountains Cannot Stop Water Flowing; Eastward the River Keeps on Going- Premier Wen Jiabao at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference(2009/12/28)
 Chinese Offer To Build Police Station To Combat Crime(2009/12/24)
 Botswana gets P20 million grant from China(2009/12/04)
 Botswana SMMEs can benefit from the Chinese experience(2009/11/17)
 Declaration of Sharm El Sheikh of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation(2009/11/16)
 Forum to strengthen China-Africa ties(2009/11/10)
 Reply to the Washington Post' Questions On the Relations of China-Africa(2009/10/29)
 Chinese exhibit artistic works(2009/10/12)
 Standard Chartered launches China-Africa network(2009/09/21)
 China investments avail job opportunities(2009/09/14)
 UB launches Chinese language classes(2009/09/14)
 FOCAC boosts Botswana-China relations(2009/09/14)
 The rise of the dragon(2009/09/01)
 Chinese Ambassador gave the keynote address at the BIE annual dinner(2009/08/27)
 Botswana among 192 nations expected at world jamboree(2009/08/24)
 Chinese equity firm eye Mmamabula(2009/08/23)
 Africa-China trade plunges 30 percent(2009/08/21)
 China to spur Africa's growth(2009/08/18)
 Masire becomes UB's first 'independent' Chancellor(2009/08/11)
 22 Batswana students get Chinese Governmental Scholarship(2009/07/28)
 What happened in Urumqi of China?(2009/07/27)
 Chinese Navy over Past Six Decades(2009/07/27)
 Magang welcomes Chinese business community(2009/07/15)
 UB offers Chinese language courses(2009/06/20)
 Permanent Secretary hails Botswana-China relations(2009/06/19)
 Botswana-China trade relations improve(2009/06/19)
 China's ICBC, Standard Bank sign Morupule deal(2009/06/17)
 IMPLEMENTATION OF THE BALI ROADMAP- China's Position on the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference(2009/06/10)
 Botswana to continue support of "one China Policy"-Motsumi(2009/06/05)
 China potential diamond market(2009/05/28)
 Unik gives destitutes blankets(2009/05/28)
 Mophane Primary Gets P20000(2009/05/28)
 China strengthens relations(2009/05/26)
 Embassy donates conferencing equipment(2009/04/20)
 Let Us Join Hands and Tide over Difficulties Together(2009/04/10)
 Chinese firms to build massive industrial park(2009/04/08)
 China, U.S. to build positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship in 21st century(2009/04/02)
 China appreciates France's commitment on Tibet(2009/04/02)
 Full text: Press Communiqué between China and France(2009/04/02)
 Curious about Tibet? Look, listen, see for yourself(2009/03/27)
 Tibetans embrace changes, development(2009/03/27)
 China's top legislature ends annual session, calling for unison actions to combat crisis(2009/03/13)
 Tit for tat, Tibet official refutes Dalai Lama's anniversary speech(2009/03/13)
 Premier says China's policy on Tibet right(2009/03/13)
 China to speed up economic, political reforms amid crisis(2009/03/13)
 Highlights of Premier Wen Jiabao's remarks(2009/03/13)
 Councillor Defends Foreign Traders(2009/03/13)
 For whom is Tibet a 'hell on earth'?
 Overseas journalists not kept away from Tibetans(2009/03/12)
 the History of Tibet of China(2009/03/12)
 Highlights of report on Supreme People's Procuratorate(2009/03/12)
 Highlights of work report on Supreme People's Court(2009/03/11)
 Employment top issue for NPC
 China scholarships up for graps(2009/03/10)
 Chinese Government donates computers for Botswana Government(2009/03/10)
 12 CITF Students off to China(2009/03/10)
 Key figures from 2009 draft budget report(2009/03/06)
 China's defense budget to grow 14.9% in 2009(2009/03/06)
 Botswana/China trade grows(2009/02/25)
 Chinese Movie Festival coming soon(2009/02/25)
 Chinese envoy tips Batswana entrepreneurs(2009/02/16)
 Botswana-China Friendship Association Formally Established(2009/02/16)
 Botswana must exploit Chinese market - Envoy(2009/02/11)
 Botswana Justice joins International Criminal Court bench
 Chinese shops a relief, but they must behave(2009/02/02)
 Chinese Risk All To Complete Airport On Time(2009/02/02)
 Artists from Xinjiang Art Troupe of China Will perform in Gaboron(2009/01/13)
 China can be first to 'recover' from crisis(2009/01/12)
 Multi-purpose youth centre in the offing
 Thamaga hosts whopping charity tourney(2009/01/07)
 Christmas Spenders opt Chinese Shops(2008/12/26)
 Chinese Embassy donates Christmas Gifts(2008/12/24)
 P22m Chinese loan will fund developments(2008/12/24)
 Botswana bids Chinese medical team farewell
 Confucius Centre benefits countries - Prof(2008/11/27)
 Chinese Ambassador Donates School Bags(2008/11/24)
 Chinese Embassy donates to Mahalapye
 China's Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change(2008/11/19)
 Chinese envoy counsels NGOs(2008/10/29)
 Chinese Embassy Donates To Phikwe Teams(2008/10/20)
 China seeks a balance between food security and the urbanization(2008/10/03)
 Olympic Cheerleaders Points New Direction for China's Diplomacy(2008/10/03)
 Chinese arts: at the crossroads(2008/10/03)
 China's road to energy security(2008/10/03)
 China balances growth and inflation(2008/10/03)
 Beijing Olympics showcases a mature China(2008/10/03)
 Olympics boosts Chinese language promotion(2008/10/03)
 Chinese astronauts back to Beijing(2008/09/30)
 China celebrates 59 years(2008/09/30)
 ‘Made in China’ shoes take Botswana by storm(2008/09/30)
 Chinese army donates uniform to BDF(2008/09/30)
 Chinese Foreign Ministry Hosts Briefing on Premier Wen’s Upcoming Attendance of the UN High-Level Event on the MDG and the 63rd UN General Assembly General Debate(2008/09/24)
 Chinese support initiative(2008/09/07)
 Beijing Olympic Games Picture Exhibition
 Work permit process frustrates Chinese envoy(2008/08/19)
 Working time of consular office of Chinese Embassy in Botswana
 Chinese Embassy Donated Medical Equipment
 Chinese Embassy Donated T-shirts to BWA
 IOC: Beijing's air is safe for one and all
 Beijing Olympics offers chance to better understand China
 Envoy allays fears of attacks(2008/08/06)
 Chinese president warns against politicizing Olympics
 Team Botswana confident ahead of Beijing games
 Beijing Olympic Games Exhibition Scheduled for August 8(2008/07/28)
 Beijing hotel booking steadily up, room rate drops a bit(2008/07/25)
 China announces biggest-ever Olympic team of 639 athletes
 Chinese Embassy host film festival
 Mmabesi Development Trust Gets Boost
 President Khama Wishes Beijing Olympic Games a Good Success
 Chinese Embassy ups Olympians stakes
 Chinese Movie Festival ongoing
 Chinese Embassy donates to S/Phikwe schools
 International diamond body welcomes Botswana in its fold
 Implementation of Follow-up Actions of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation(2008/06/03)
 Nkate hails Botswana, China relationship
 Vice Foreign Minister of China Receives Donation of the Botswanian Government
 VP hands over equipment
 China announces three-day mourning for quake victims, suspension of torch relay(2008/05/18)
 Premier Wen calls for nationwide efforts in rescue, relief after "most destructive" quake since 1949(2008/05/16)
 President Khama Sent a Condolent Message to President Hu Jingtao
 President Hu Jingtao Congratulates President Khama on His Assumption
 Facts, figures about Tibet's development
 Ambassador Ding tells Botswana a real China
 President Mogae Congratulates President Hu Jintao on His Re-election
 Chinese Embassy donates to museum
 First Session of 11th NPC concludes
 China's top political advisory body concludes annual session
 Chinese Community in Botswana Donate to the SOS Children's Village
 An Overview of the Relations Between China and Botswana
 Chinese medical team heads Botswana's way
 China and Botswana signed a grant agreement on two primary schools
 Ding advises NGOs to seek foreign partners
 Botswana Government Highly Values the FOCAC
 Implementation of Follow-up Actions of the Beijing Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
 Ambassador Ding paid a courtesy call on the commissioner of the BPS
 University of Botswana and the Office of Chinese Language Council International Reached Agreement on Establishment of the Confucius Institute
 Botswana Democratic Party Congratulates Hu Jintao on Re-election as CPC Party Chief
 Leaders of China and Botswana Exchange Congratulatory Messages
 Harmonious World: China's Ancient Philosophy for New International Order
 China's Healthcare System Receives Recovery Treatment
 China Looks to Energy Independence
 China Grooms "New Social Stratum" for Political Arena
 China Desperate for Financial Talents
 A Food Revolution in Chinese Army
 Tree by Tree, China Rolls Back Deserts
 Combating Climate Change: China Goes on the Offensive
 Constructing for Beijing 2008 Olympics
 China Expects "Intangible Legacy" from Beijing Olympics
 China Struggles to Care for Growing Number of Elderly
 China and Africa Build a New Partnership on Old Ties
 China starts to Use New Arrival and Departure Card
 Ambassador Ding Xiaowen Held a Pre-departure Reception for Botswana Students to be Studying in China
 Brief Introduction of Education Cooperation between China and Botswana
 Chinese Embassy Sponsored the All Africa Badminton Junior Championships
 China, Botswana vow to strengthen cooperation
 Chinese Compatriots Against Push for "Taiwan independence"
 Botswana Government Voices Its Opposition to Taiwan's Membership of the UN
 Procedures for Foreign Reporters to Apply for Short-term News Coverage in or Resident Accreditation to China
 Chinese Sport Delegation Visited Botswana
 Ambassador Ding Attending and Addressing Mahalapye Water Treatment Project Completed Reception
 Hon. Huanghai, Assistant Minister of Commerce of China Visited Botswana
 Outgoing Ambassador Jiang Commended For His Job Well Done
 Children's Art Troupe: The Best Gift of the Spring Festival
 Chinese Foreign Minister Visited Botswana
 Ambassador Jiang on the Beijing Summit: A Milestone in China-Africa Relations
 Chinese President Hu Jintao Met with President Mogae
 Reception held to mark the National Day of China
 China Values Sino-Botswana Ruling Party Relations
 Xinhua News Agency Enhancing Cooperation With Botswana
 10 Botswana Students Admitted by the Chinese Government Scholarship Program
 Fujian Parliamentary Delegation of China Visited Botswana
 Follow-Up Actions of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)
 China's plan on IPR Protection Action 2006(2006/05/15)
 China Elected to the UN Human Rights Council
 President Hu Jintao to Visit Three African Countries
 Office Equipment Handed Over to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Botswana(2006/02/18)
 Ambassador Jiang Attending and Addressing Spring Festival Celebration Evening(2006/01/22)
 China's African Policy(2006/01/12)
 Li Zhaoxing to visit Cape Verde, Senegal, Mali, Liberia, Nigeria & Libya(2006/01/11)
 China's Central Government Website Opened(2006/01/04)
 China issues white paper on peaceful development(2005/12/23)
 Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing Gives Year-end Interview to People's Daily(2005/12/20)
 China to triple trade volume with Africa, double investment
 China, Botswana keen on expanding investments
 Chinese Vice Premier Huang Ju Visited Botswana
 Vice Premier Huang Ju to Visit Botswana and other African Countries
 China's manned spacecraft returned home safely
 G20 Finance, Bank Chiefs Meet in Beijing
 China calls for international support for Africa's development
 China's development mode to change in "the 11th Five-Year Plan" period
 China sends two Taikonauts into space
 Premier Wen pledged China will push for new world of peace, amity and harmony
 Chinese Foreign Minister calls for efforts to meet development goals(2005/09/24)
 Chinese President Hu Jintao Delivered A Keynote Speech at the UN Summit in New York(2005/09/17)
 Chinese President Hu Jintao says UNSC's role irreplaceable(2005/09/15)
 China announces more aid for other developing countries(2005/09/15)