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Chinese president warns against politicizing Olympics

                                   President Hu Jintao has an interview with 25 major global media organizations in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing Friday morning.(Xinhua/Ju Peng)

BEIJING, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao on Friday warned that policitizing the Olympics runs counter to the Olympic spirit and will not work.

"Politicizing the Olympics runs against the Olympic spirit and the shared aspirations of people all over the world," Hu said in a joint interview with journalists from 25 news organizations across the world.

The interview came a week ahead of the start of the Beijing Olympic Games.

"It is inevitable that people hold divergent views on issues, but politicizing the Olympics will not address those issues," Hu said. "Instead, those issues can be resolved on the basis of mutual respect, by narrowing the differences and expanding common ground."

Hu said the Games not only offers an arena for athletes from around the world to realize glory and dreams, but also provides a platform for people to enhance understanding and deepen friendship.

"Hosting the Olympics is a century-old aspiration of the Chinese people," Hu said, citing the fact that as early as 1908 some Chinese came up with the idea to stage the Games.

"As Beijing finally became the host of the Olympics after 100 years of longing, all Chinese people cherish this golden opportunity," Hu said.

"The Chinese share one wish --- making the Beijing Olympics a great success, enabling people to enjoy themselves at the Games and carrying forward the Olympic spirit," Hu said.

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