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Embassy donates conferencing equipment

GABORONE - The Chinese embassy on Monday donated video conferencing equipment to the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology. Minister Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi said the equipment would be put to good use, looked after as it would contribute to "the little progress" the country has made in the communications sector.

Mrs Venson-Moitoi commended China for a having long and outstanding relationship with Botswana. Consequently, she held that the donation marked another milestone in the relationship of the two countries.

She said the gesture came at a time when the world was now moving into improving the ICT sector in order to enhance communications and productivity levels. "Chinese brands have made their mark in the international scene to the extent that the established western brands were courting Chinese brands for partnerships." Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Ms Festinah Bakwena said as the ministry responsible for communications they were excited to receive the equipment as it would aid the ministry achieve its mandate.

She observed that the equipment would enable staff to communicate with representatives of other countries that they do business with without compromising efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

She said at the present time, government spends money transporting delegates to other countries on official assignments whereas with this equipment cost of travel and subsistence made by officers attending conferences would be minimised.

Acting Chinese Ambassador Wu Jihong reiterated that the donation exemplified good relations between the countries and promoted joint development efforts.

She said ZTE Corporation, a Chinese state owned company that availed the equipment, was a well established entity with experience in international trading and expressed delight that the company has delivered the equipment.

She also promised that the equipment will be installed and training of users done in a month or two. The equipment will be connected to seven government department conference rooms in seven different geographic places around the country. This will assist government ministries and departments to communicate among themselves. (7 April, BOPA)

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